Decking in Ely

Timber decking in Ely can be used in any one of a large number of ways to add to the look and usefulness of your garden. It is a superb way to liven up tired old areas of concrete that are not fit for purpose for paving or to make the most of unmanageable sloping gardens.

It allows sloping gardens to be utilized to achieve bigger functional flat areas, balconies for split level gardens, terraces over ponds, useable throughout the year areas for children to play on in the garden, as well as simple terraces at ground level.

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A Versatile Outdoor Option

Timber decking in Ely is amazingly versatile and can be developed to virtually any shape or design, integrating handrailing, staircases, water fountains, summer houses, hot tubs and planters to name but a few.

All our decks are designed to be solid and firm. In short our decks don’t bounce and they are built to last. We use solid concrete foundations for the decks and construction grade pressure treated softwood framework. All our decking frames are over wrapped in a superior quality geo-textile weed suppressor fabric to prevent any weed ingress.

Once the framework has been produced it can be covered with a range of timber to achieve the look that suits your style and garden. Amongst others we have installed softwood decks, hardwood decks, cedar decks, oak sleeper decks, reclaimed timber decks.

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We believe in building to last, and that’s why we use decking from reputable suppliers, that can provide you with the best quality timber products and have supplied us for a long time. For more information about our services or for a free quotation for garden decking please contact our team today.